She.. ( The River )

She reluctantly stayed calm as everybody overlooked her depths over her charm.

She witnessed the poise and unforgivable squall, that made her strong, silly and sane.

She is wise, untamed and wild. Flows as she please in the quest of her passion and drive.

She is beyond reason, she is beyond comprehension, very mystic and magical.

She shines with a sun and brood with a moon, dances with a rain and play with a gale.

She is epitome of beauty. Little sane little crazy. Her uniqueness will never fade. Being wild is her fate..

It’s love..

… And from the following day she did not remain the same girl which she was day before. Something changed in her. An unfamiliar feeling tingled through her body. What was that?? She didn’t knew. This made her slightly uncomfortable yet delightful. Everything become so beautiful so light like never before. Amidst of these feeling she held her breath. Tried to calm herself down while making sense and comprehend she was unaware of. She sat on a chair with closed eyes and thought nothing for a while. scanned herself through, searching for a clue. A moment passed and she gets nothing. And then.. The first thing she saw in her head was pair of eyes. Deep blue penetrating eyes. Looking at her silently. Those eyes seemed to be known. Known from unknown. Oh it was of a boy she saw in school day before. Who was watching her from a far yet made her little glow. Gosh! Her heart skipped the beat and she astonishingly opened her eyes. She freezed for a moment and then suddenly smiled. She blushed and covered her face with her hands to hide. Maybe she liked what she saw and wanted to feel more. So she closed her eyes again and vanished in her thoughts. And she realised she has fallen in love. Yes she is in love. Yes It’s love…